Anyone working with the Looking Glass Factory 3d display?

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ISTR it being mentioned that Godot was popular for digital slot machine software, and if there's anyone I would expect to jump on this faster than the porn industry it would be them. The small developer kit is "only" about $600 USD on thier web site, which is a bit rich for my blood but peanuts in the wider scale, and having support for it early would be a big step toward being mentioned in the same breath as Unity and Unreal Engine if someone has the cash for a unit to work with. I imagine a lot of us have a lot more time these days; I know being housebound is what's got me poking at Godot again myself, though my programming skills are far below what would be needed to work on something like this effectively.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a Linus Tech Tips video on it from December:

and here's the company web site showing off their 9" & 15" dev kits and 27" prospective mass production model:

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    I remember reading something about it, but I do not think there is anyone actively working with the Factor3D Display in Godot, though I could be wrong.
    I saw a different video about it, someone showing Blender with it if I recall correctly, and it looks pretty neat. The 3D displays show a lot of promise and I think if the technology gets cheap enough so it is more affordable for consumers rather than developers.

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