First impression of C#

fire7sidefire7side Posts: 87Member

Spent a long time setting up c#. I don't know why it didn't work right. It was looking for build files and I finally ended up getting it to work by reinstalling visual studio. I didn't load vscode right away, and that's the best thing the Microsoft way to use because it's fast to boot up. And then it had me delete the Godot include because it wasn't being used with the setup file. I couldn't figure out how to use print, because it's part of GD and I didn't see it after it told me to delete the include. There isn't much for tutorials and things around either, and it's still alpha code. I think the beta is just about ready. I'm really glad I used gdscript first.
Getting back to using static typing is a little different also. You have to do it so often.
But, great job on the Godot team that is making it happen.

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