Funexpected Math - math game for children from 3 to 6 years old

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Funexpected Math is an interactive game-based learning environment for children from 3 to 6 years old. Children develop mathematical mindset effortlessly while playing engaging visual games.

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Players travel the world and explore foreign lands, where they find puzzles on a variety of topics: logic, geometry, counting, algorithms, patterns and more, where math tasks turn into an adventure full of amusing rewards.

The experience is engaging and tactile: tap, cut, or slide the objects on the screen to propel the story forward. It's gentle education nourishing a child's math mindset, but more than anything, it's a friendly environment for learning in a natural and intuitive way.

«We wanted to create a mobile app for kids that's great for exploring math as naturally as they learn their native language, while at the same time to demonstrate the beauty and power of mathematics.», — Alexandra Kazilo, Funexpected co-founder and creative.

«Very good visualization of the key mathematical concepts: numbers, shapes, logical operations and so on. These concepts are encountered at every step in every person's life, but are not that simple. To do the math, it is important to «recognise by face» numbers and figures just like best friends or relatives. The game helps develop these invaluable skills from early childhood, which is quite remarkable.» — says Leonid Rybnikov, PhD in Math, associate professor.


  • Fully available offline
  • Exclusive content is updated regularly with new levels and games
  • All tasks are developed in collaboration with experienced math educators
  • Every step is encouraged with fun digital prizes


  • Using custom Godot build with a lot of additional iOS staff (
  • 5 developers, 2 artist and 1 animator in team
  • This game has been in development for two years
  • Firebase for backend (crashes, saves, analytics, accounts, Firebase functions)
  • 16 Languages, all countries


  • More than 100k downloaded
  • More than 1k subscribed

-Kidscreen Award: Best Learning App—Original

-Apple said we are awesome ^.^

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