Hors - Procedural western walking simulator

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You play a horseless cowboy who finds themselves alone in a windy desert valley. All that is left for you to do is limp your way forwards.


The current release is an Alpha and includes the main game loop of searching a random desert for shelter. Feel free to give it a try! This was originally made for The 7DRL Challenge and is in its second week of development so expect to run into weirdness. :)

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  • MANDREWSMANDREWS Posts: 16Member

    Awesome experience. I have one critique though. I think at least one hor should jump out from behind a cactus.

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,031Moderator

    Nice style.

  • fire7sidefire7side Posts: 87Member

    I walked around for a while, but nothing seemed to happen.

  • defomortdefomort Posts: 10Member

    Thanks for playing!

    @fire7side said:
    I walked around for a while, but nothing seemed to happen.

    The game is in alpha and missing quite a bit of content. You will eventually come across a building you can enter either by following the sound of the piano or just wandering but I know at the moment it can be impossible to find. If it's any help, there will always be a well tile towards the center of the map and the Salon should be within viewing distance of there.

    Once there are more unique tiles and models in the game it will be a lot easier to orient ones self. I'm currently working on the narrative elements that trigger when you interact with set pieces, and once that's working I'll be able to add more variety to the world.

    I am hoping when it's done it's the kind of thing you play through in 5 - 20 minutes, maybe going back for a second look or to try something different.

  • defomortdefomort Posts: 10Member

    Just posted an update that adds holes to fall into and scorpions to encounter.


    The scorpions don't animate or sting the player yet, just move towards you when encountered. They are rare, usually only about 6 - 12 per game. They have a tendency to fall into the holes so I'll be adding scorpion nests eventually for them to respawn in.

    The plan is for stings to kill the player instantly but I may add the ability to treat the wound with aloe or desert mint if there is time.

    Currently there is only one type of hole but I would like to make some less obvious cracks and fissures to slip into.

    I've given myself until next Tuesday to have the beta release ready now that all of the mechanics I had planned are in. All that's left is to write item and scene descriptions, and focus on adding more variants and working out the kinks in what is there. There will also be an ending cutscene that shows off the Salon a little better and the items you've collected along your way, and a unique tale generated around them.

  • fire7sidefire7side Posts: 87Member

    That will definitely help it feel like a game.

  • SpinylGamesSpinylGames Posts: 15Member

    I read Dead Hors and I thought that I worry about some of the Game Developers here. Luckily it was not what I thought it was gonna be. You might want to spell it with an "e" on the end though.

  • ChimaereJadeChimaereJade Posts: 46Member

    I will wait a few weeks for more content but I allready like the style. It reminds me of some fun adventure-games 10 years ago! :)

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    You know, the ultimate feeling of western walking, is being lost in the desert, no water, food . . . After that, it is being out hunting for a criminal, as a law-sheriff, in hostile terrain, if you want a sort of unforgiving land-scape, I mean having to chase a criminal, through hostile territory is really hard work, for a man, a cow-boy . . Last is protecting a coach, against getting stolen, or ' taken ' that is also very western ideas, and would force the character to go through unforgiving terrain, a sort of ' good ' reason, to go walking <3

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    Maybe the word is, you need a motivation, a ' reason ', for the game, to get started, maybe there are other ideas . . <3 <3

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    Your scorpion model is very nice, you can see what it is, for me, that's success, in my games . .<3 Also, if you sub-divide it once, and make it even nicer, it's basically photo-real, I think . . . :D <3

  • defomortdefomort Posts: 10Member

    Having had some time away I think using procgen for arranging the game world is holding it back a lot and causing lots of unnecessary problems. I've planned out a new way to build out the world that will have sections of procedurally placed props and hazards but the valley itself will be preset. I think this will also give me a chance to make the world prettier, and include some of the more complicated assets I had planned.

    It's going to take some time to rebuild things but at least this way I can more easily lead the player to the narrative elements without needing quest markers.

    @SpinylGames said:
    I read Dead Hors and I thought that I worry about some of the Game Developers here

    I realized this the second someone else said the name aloud to me! :s I am renaming it HORS for the next update. At least this way if the title is misinterpreted it isn't negative.

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