Water Blocks 2D shaders : Separation between two blocks

Adri23240Adri23240 Posts: 3Unconfirmed Member

I want to create a minecraft like game and use water block inside the game.
A water block is a tile with a water shader but when a put the block of water beside, i have a discontinuity of the shader.

How can I resolve this probleme ? Thank you
PS : Excuse me for my English, I am not very good :s


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,603Admin

    It's a custom shader? Can we see the code? I'm guessing you have a bump map of some kind for distortion to emulate the refraction and it's mapped over UV's instead of global coordinates.

    You can enable the World Triplanar checkbox on a regular material and then convert it to a shader to get a global/axis aligned mapping for textures. That should help solve it.

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  • Adri23240Adri23240 Posts: 3Unconfirmed Member

    Yes it's a custom shader from Gonkee on youtube.
    The code is : https://github.com/Gonkee/Gonkees-Shaders/blob/master/water.shader
    I change a little bit the fragment section:
    void fragment(){

    vec2 noisecoord1 = UV * sprite_scale * scale_x;
    vec2 noisecoord2 = UV * sprite_scale * scale_x + 4.0;
    vec2 motion1 = vec2(TIME * 0.3, TIME * -0.4);
    vec2 motion2 = vec2(TIME * 0.1, TIME * 0.5);
    vec2 distort1 = vec2(noise(noisecoord1 + motion1), noise(noisecoord2 + motion1)) - vec2(0.5);
    vec2 distort2 = vec2(noise(noisecoord1 + motion2), noise(noisecoord2 + motion2)) - vec2(0.5);
    vec2 distort_sum = (distort1 + distort2) / 60.0;
    vec4 color = textureLod(SCREEN_TEXTURE, SCREEN_UV + distort_sum, 0.0);
    color = mix(color, blue_tint, 0.3);
    color.rgb = mix(vec3(0.5), color.rgb, 1.4);
    color = color * texture(mask_texture, UV).a;
    COLOR = color;

    My game is a 2D game, so how to enable World Triplanar on a 2D material ?
    Thank you

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 2,618Admin

    I’d try replacing the parts with UV in the shader to SCREEN_UV and see what happens. That should, hopefully, make the shader seamless.

    My game is a 2D game, so how to enable World Triplanar on a 2D material ?

    World-Triplanar is only a setting for SpatialMaterials (3D). For 2D, I believe there isn’t any automatic triplanar setting.

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