Changing Z-index of just the top 16x8 pixels of a 16x16 sub-tile in a tile-set .

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Hello, i'm a rookie game dev. i'm currently working on a 2D game which uses random map generation as one of the games core design. Here's how the game currently looks. :

The game uses this tileset as it's tilemap . Here's how the tile-set looks like :

The red bordered subtiles are the tiles that i want their z-index to be changed.
Is it possible to change just the top 16x8 pixels of the 16x16 subtile to 1 and the bottom 16x8 to 0.
I was able to change the top 8x8 pixel's z-index to 1 by changing the Subtile Size in the interface on the right. but by doing so messed with my bit mask as well and the image was no longer useful for auto-tile mapping.
Is there any way to change the z-index of just the top 16x8 pixels of a subtile ? Can i use tiles from another tilemap to over-lap over the tiles ? If so, how do i proceed from here ?

Edit : Is it possible to apply YSort to a subtile in a tileset of a tilemap and the player node so that when the player has a higher Y-value that the subtile on the map the tile is moved front of the player and when the player has higher.
I tried it how-ever my Gd script attached to Main node(map generation) is unable to detect the location of tile map in the Y -sort node. Here is the code in to detect the location of The tilemap node.

onready var tilemap = $Mapo # Mapo being the name of tilemap

Is there anyway to mention the location of Tilemap node which is with in the Y-sort node ?But should also work in tandem with Y-sort node ?

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