Perfect Game sandbox RPG (hopefully MMO)

GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

Hello everyone, i was working for a quite time on some rpg game like Mapple Story and Terraria **combined
i dont have a name for the project yet, i just call it **Perfect Game
for now.

Game Features:
Craft System:

harvesting trees/bushes and enemies getting you materials to craft with.
also scrolls that lets you "learn" new craft skills, such as weapons, better gear and more.

every gear item with different stats.

Character Customization:

fully customizable character! so far 1200+ possibilities for custom hero.

every equipment has his own attack animation as well as COMBO attack when pressing in order with other keys..

there are much much more done and much much more to go.
so let me know if there is something you guys intresting in?
i also listen to people as i develop, keep the ideas comming ^^



  • HippoHippo Posts: 85Member

    Damn Perfect Game, that's an ambitious title you've got there! Character creation looks really cool, keep up the good work!

  • fire7sidefire7side Posts: 53Member

    Looks like you have a good start there.

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    thanks everyone for the comments.
    here is a quick list for all the UI, all of them are fully functional:

    • Character Stats
    • Quest Tracker
    • Chat
    • Inventory (drag/drop, split, equip)
    • Character menu (Equipment,Stats,Skills, Quests)
    • NPC Dialog
    • Quick bar (shortcut items)
    • Help UI
    • Item Inspector
    • "Welcome to town" popup that shows when the player switches worlds.

    and one more picture just to keep it going:

  • Mighty Mufflon GamesMighty Mufflon Games Posts: 25Member

    Looks really promising already and looking forward to play it.

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    Just to keep you guys Updated:

    working now on a new Equipment set: Pirate Set
    Im also planning to add Additional stats when full set is equiped, such as +% gold gain or faster travel or so..
    also, just to make things little bit complicated, the armor is gender locked! the rest are not. maybe i will lock them also.. not sure..

    so far those are the available equipment set i made:

    Full Pirate Set:
    + Armor (done - gender locked)
    + Gloves (done)
    + Helment (done and looks cute)
    - Belt
    - Sword
    + Boots (done)

    tell me what you guys think?

  • HippoHippo Posts: 85Member

    Looking cool!

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    just finished full Pirate Set:
    this is what it contains:
    Boots, Gloves (with hook instead of hand), Pirate Sword, hat, belt and armor.

    tell me what you guys think of this look:

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    just to keep you guys updated:
    Created new enemy: Green Snot with the epic animations.
    also added new feature: now when you press 2nd jump, it starts training your stamina, so you cannot jump all the way. keep your stamina UP :)

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    just made new UI, tell me what you guys think?

    im starting to work on new awesome mechanics with crafting and **Disassemble **items.

    i will keep you guys updated :)

  • Mighty Mufflon GamesMighty Mufflon Games Posts: 25Member

    I like the clean and simple look, but the icons and the text should stay in the certain box.

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    didnt even noticed that.. had a lot of stuff going on with my game.

    but it was an easy fix.

    working now on item Disassamble UI. so far, it looks like this:

    btw, @Mighty Mufflon Games your game looks awesome as well. i see you got there a team working with you. while i struggle alone ^^

  • Mighty Mufflon GamesMighty Mufflon Games Posts: 25Member

    Thank you. :3
    I'm always impressed by people who make everything on they own.
    My respect for that!

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    new update for the guys who likes crafting and unique items:
    i finished most of the work for my Disassembling and Crafting system.

    the system works like this:

    the items that inside your "Skills" tree are all craftable by using the correct ingredients.
    every item you can craft gonna be unique from each other

    its actually up to your crafting skill how many additional stats can be added to your crafted item - **craft more to get ur crafting level up

    how to get skills into my knowlage tree so i can craft it many times i want

    just gather 5 items of the same kind + special crafting diamond and you will recive a scroll that you are able to learn as a skill!

    how unique the item can be?

    your crafting skills are limitless, the items and unique scrolls are created within the game. no item can be the same!

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    enough with mechanics.
    time for view and play experience!

    • added some particles for 2nd Jump,
    • fall down from height there is a dust particle
    • Blood effect when hitting enemies (every enemy with his own blood colors lol)

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    yet another visual update.

    Swing effects on swords, fists

    also sound effects for attacks.

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    Introducing for new mechanics and new Items

    • magic wand been added
    • added charging animation
    • when releasing, the fireball is stronger and the kickback is stronger
  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 1,308Premoderated

    This looks interesting, Good job . . .

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 1,308Premoderated

    You get 3 thumbs-up, <3 :D

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    thx guys. that means a lot.
    pretty soon im going to release the demo to see with you all how the game plays, if there is any adjustments
    i hope you will find this one interesting

  • Mighty Mufflon GamesMighty Mufflon Games Posts: 25Member

    You can count on me as a tester B), but I'm searingly honest. :p

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    ok guys, this is the TEST RELEASE

    please try it and tell me what you think..
    there are a lot of bugs and a lot of mistypes..
    please send me feedback, i want to know what else should i change or add..


    • the HELP window is not correct yet
    • there is equipment loot and Disassambly loot at bottomest left of the map. try to find it. .
  • Mighty Mufflon GamesMighty Mufflon Games Posts: 25Member

    @GogetaX :
    As promised I tested it.
    I like how it feels already.^^ The douple jump is cool. Will you add running?
    Here are some bugs I have found. Don't know, if these known already.
    The values of the ingredients are transposed.
    The "aggro behavior" is strange. It doesn't recognize me even after I hit it. xD
    If I equip the boots, my legs vanish. :#

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    @Mighty Mufflon Games thank you for the test and the results.. that means a lot!
    im considering either Dash or Run animation when you press Double forward keys. not decided yet. this one is on hold..

    "The values of the ingredients are transposed." whats that means? i couldnt find the bug.. can you show me?

    "The "aggro behavior" is strange" thans for poining out, this gonna be my next fix.. the agro feels weird for me too..

    "If I equip the boots, my legs vanish." can you show me that also? html5 might doing some weird things to my game.. not sure..

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    ohh i seen that boots bug. that is fixed right away

  • Mighty Mufflon GamesMighty Mufflon Games Posts: 25Member

    @GogetaX :
    "i couldnt find the bug.. can you show me?"
    "can you show me that also?"
    Can't you see the screenshots I attached?

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,024Admin

    WRT material requirements for crafting the amount required should be the second number, so if you have none it says 0/4 and if you have 23 it says 23/4 etc.

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member
    edited March 27

    @Megalomaniak fixed that one, gonna be a lot of new updates on next patch.
    Next update:
    - quest bug fixes
    - Potions for stamina/hp
    - Death animations and respawn UI
    - Consumable/Active skill cooldown interface

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member
    edited March 28

    Consumables are done and working!
    new animation for consumables
    new duration UI where you can see the duration of each skill/consumable
    new inventory items

    and here is my Development list that i've done since last patch:

    Help Menu:
    + Update the Help Menu

    + Death Animation
    + Remove equiped weapon while using potion
    + Unable to attack while drinking potion

    + Create Respawm UI

    + Fix the boots problem

    + Create Potion for Health
    + Create Potion for Stamina
    + When moving Diamond to Disassamblty, move only x1

    BG Effect:
    + Doesnt show on start

    + After fast switching weapons, the animation is wrong

    Magic Wand:
    + Charging should show the fireball charging

    + When Skills window open, can use arrow keys to select different focus (WRONG!)

    Quest Track UI:
    + the text looks weird

    NPC Quest Dialog:
    + Text looks weird

    NPC Quest JSON:
    + add %QUEST_AMMOUNT% instead of STRING "10 kills"

    Quest UI:
    + the Categories doesnt work
    + When unselected quest, it still glows

    + Create Consumable/Active skill JSON

    + when standing very close, get agro
    + agro resets when enemy getting hit

    Duration UI:
    + Add Inspection on each duration

  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member

    finished quite few stuff for the game, including main screne when you can create your own character


  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 56Member
    edited March 30

    new update incomming.

    anyone knows that is this skill tree?

    if you do, im starting to work on something simalar to this.

    but with my own rules.

    you have 4 different paths to follow:
    Harvesting, Crafting, Combat and Acrobatic path. every path gives you different abilities and stats. as well are loot rate and others..
    you can choose only 3 of 4 in a game.

    this is what i got so far:

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