GraphQL Asset Library?

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Somebody knows about a graphql client library for godot in GDScript? This weekend I get a simple call to my GraphQL Server with graphene, it was not so much difficult, but before create something like that, is better if you can help somebody else doing it.

I search and I don't found anything.

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    I do not know if there is any GraphQL plugin or asset specific to Godot, but you may be able to use an existing GraphQL library with Godot through C# or GDNative.

    On this Reddit post, a user asked a similar question and got some answers that may be helpful to look at. It seems the user got much the same advice, being suggested to use C# and an existing GraphQL library written for C#.

    It looks like there isn't a GDScript asset to interface with GraphQL, at least not as far as I can tell.

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    Thanks, I found the same before.

    But I don't wish to be attached to another language. For that I created a simple GraphQL Request Addon. I tried it with graphene in django, and looks working. Actually is the simplest thing I can do...

    I hope somebody can found it usefull... and maybe somebody can help improve it. :)


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