Three headed gecko dragon.

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More renderings can be seen here.

Do you think it passes for a game model?


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    I'd say it passes for a game model. Any model is usable for games as long as the game developer knows what they are doing with it, but I can see your model being used in games, especially those looking for that style of creature.

    Some critique, though please take it with a grain of salt:

    • It is very shiny, at least from what I saw in the CGTrader pictures. I would recommend lowering the shininess a bit. I might also suggest adding a normal map, even just a simple noise normal map, to give the skin some micro texture to help reduce the uniform shiny look.
    • While having three heads looks really cool, it means all three heads have to be animated, which may be a negative from a game development point of view if animation time is limited. That said, the multiple heads can be a pro if the project is looking for creatures of that style, so I'd say it is a trade off. I noticed you included animations, which is a huge plus!
    • For me personally, the positioning of the limbs does not look very natural. The limbs are at right angles like a square, which looks a little stiff. This does make it easier to animate though, and to be fair some animals do look like this, but it looks a little "blocky" to me. I might suggest making the angles with the limbs not quite right angles, perhaps making them just a tad relaxed and not quite in line with the body. (That said, my art skills are rather lacking and anatomy is not really my thing, so it may be perfectly fine and the issue is entirely on my side)
    • The polygon count may be a tad high for games that intend to use the creature at a distance, though the topology is good so making a low-poly version shouldn't be too difficult. I'd not worry about it too much, but something that may be worth considering in future models.

    I would say the model definitely has potential to be used in a video game. The topology is consistent and the polygon count is evenly dispersed throughout the model, both pluses that make using the model in games a lot easier.
    I would say it definitely has potential and it looks good. I've tried making creatures before and I found it was more difficult than I initially anticipated. I think you have a solid model that can be used in games, it just needs a project that is looking for that type of creature. Good job!

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    I will look and see if I can find some kind of texture for a normal map. Something that I can give detail into the skin with. I'll do it later, because right now I want to rest from the 3 headed dragon and work on a different project. Your feedback was good.

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    Looks pretty good, but it needs scales. Reptiles have very rough skin/scales and the model looks too smooth. Adding some scales in a normal/roughness texture should fix it and be relatively quick.

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    Since this is the neutral base pose I think the legs are fine, though in most situations the hind legs might be tucked in closer to the body most of the time and since the three heads would make the front of the body harder to balance I think the front legs look very appropriate. Yes, I too would add some scales.

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    It's really nice, make it breathe fire, import it into Godot, and add a particle system to each mouth, that ' activates ' when you press a button . . <3

    I think you can make a new node a child of a bone, in a mesh, so it would follow the mouth, when animated . . Then you could animate it, and make it walk, and when you press a button, it will breathe fire, as well . .

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    Maybe give it quills, or spikes on the tail, that go backward :)

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    If you add a button to activate each head ( it can be done in visual scripting ), you can press a button, for each face, and they will breathe fire <3

    Quills on tail, and fire from each mouth, or two, at time . .

    Also, add some quills, on back of the ' head plate ' . . :D <3

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    Basically, you can add an AnimationPlayer, and then animate the properties of a particle system, so it changes from ' off ' to ' on ', and then key that to a button, and make a controller for it, so it walks backward, forward, and can rotate . . then you can make a quick game, about it . . . If you send me the model, I can make it in five minutes, and show you how it is done, in a video . . . ;)

    ( make sure the origin is set to where the rotation point is, in Blender, so the character will rotate around that ) . . Also, if you want, google tutorials on how to make fire, in Godot, using particles . .

    Here's one of THE best introductions to particle systems, in general . . <3 :)

    Here's a video that explains how to use the AnimationPlayer node, which is what you want, for this . . I use it to make water textures animate, but the principle also applies to animating a particlesystem ( don't use CPUParticles, it's for mobile, older computers, use the one called Particles, it has GPU acceleration, for computers . . ) <3

    <3 ps. you can also keyframe the particle system being ' on ', or ' off ', just press the key next to that <3

    ( if you want, add a rig to it in Blender, and make an animation where the tails goes from left, to right, as well, then it be Epic <3

    ps. If you want a tutorial about how to set up the controller, in visual script, so it can move forward, backward, rotate on own axis, let me know, it takes 5 - 10 minutes, to get started, have a working proto-type, though you probably want to do it in code later, but for testing, quick . .

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