Is it possible to replicate the Fossil Fighters' Cleaning system in Godot 3.2?

The reason I ask this question is that I thought it would look impressive for me to replicate an old, if not barely known, game mechanic despite being an enthusiast on programming I do not have a clue on where to start. Also, I am not doing it with two screens for obvious reasons. Here is a visual example of the cleaning system in Fossil fighters.

**In case you don't understand the visuals, here is a good explanation of what the system is for: **

Before you begin extracting the fossil from the rock, you will be given, exactly, 90 seconds (excluding countdown from 3). Once the system is ready, you are provided three unique tools to utilize in order to get the fossil out of the rock: a drill, an X-ray and a hammer. I took the liberty of counting a number of tiles needed to form a basic fossil rock based on some prior knowledge in programming, it takes about 20 horizontal tiles while there is half as much of vertical ones. But the tile amount varies depending on the size and sturdiness of that rock. The circle in the center of the top screen represents how good you took the rock out in blue, while red represents the damage done on the fossil. The rest is self explanatory. After you've successfully cleaned the fossil, you will receive points based on the difference between the success and failure values. Try in this formula for example:

Points = 100 - fail Pts.

unless there is still fossil in the rock then Points = 100 - remaining. The line across the middle represents a minimum of 50 points.

If anyone knows how to implement this in any of Godot's coding language(s), please give me a clue on where to start. Thank you all for taking the time to read my query in advance.


  • vmjcvvmjcv Posts: 17Member

    I don't know this is a good way, but I would try it like this
    I will use the 3 ArrayMesh storage tools to dig out the pits, use the shader for image rendering, and then use an ArrayMesh to store the added values, compare them with the fossil data, and generate a score.

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