A dinosaur dragon like creature.

newmodelsnewmodels Posts: 158Member

How does the painted textures look?
How does the model look?

More pictures can be seen on turbosquid listing.


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,884Admin
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    The front leg/shoulder area looks pretty good, at least in comparison to the rest. It's got some actual muscle definition in it. The textures probably fine enough, at least for now.

  • newmodelsnewmodels Posts: 158Member

    thank you for commenting. I'll keep the definition part in mind when designing another dragon like creature.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,884Admin

    It's fairly clear that you have looked at real animals anatomy for reference here which I think is a good call, but as it stands the body reminds me more of a large cat like a lion right now, I do think it's a good start though.

    Before you move on to a new creature though I'd recommend you keep iterating on this one for a bit more, since I think this is going in the right direction and I do think it's got the potential to be a foundation for a great model.

  • newmodelsnewmodels Posts: 158Member

    good call. A lion is what my reference was. That is what the anatomy is based on. At least for the legs.

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    It looks really good, I'd make the torse a bit bigger, the legs look oddly big, for a creature that size, and make the tail more uniform, tapering down, right now it's ' ragged ', a bit wild . . Also, white claws on the feet, and one going out from heel . . <3

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    The neck also looks to thin, to support the head . . you could scale the head down . . If you have a 3D model, and don't want to redo the UV's, you can go into sculpt mode, and shape it, if you don't enable dyntopo . . then you can move the vertices around pretty quick . . Grab brush, and smooth brush, you could smooth the tail that way, in a few minutes . . Just don't enable dyntopo, it will remove the UV's, and don't add more faces, it also removes the UV's . . . I do that a lot, I make a good high-poly sculpt, then make a first retopo, then work on that, shape that, and finally make a high-detailed sculpt by shaping that, to add a normal map . . You're in a really good place . . Consider making a side, front reference image, on paper, put that in as a reference image ( in the add menu, some-where ), and shape it to what you imagine . . I often make a bad first model, you need to go back some times, to make it better . . It's a good start, and yes the texture is REALLY good <3

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    Here's some suggestions <3

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    You need also sometimes to take a break from it, and come back later . . It's a very good creature, just go into sculpt mode, NO Dyntopo, and use grab brush to rearrange it, as you like, the texture will not be affected, but may have to be tweaked, if it gets ' squashed ' a bit <3

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    Most animals with that build have stronger neck, also bigger torso, especially predator animals, that need the extra power . .

    If you go into sculpt mode, and pull it around a bit, it will be a lot better, in 10 - 15 minutes, most of the retopology doesn't have to change, but you may have to do redo parts of the texture . .

    A video about it . .

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