The Enemy Logic Series [ Tutorial Series on making enemies walk, follow, search, attack and whack]

Stefan_GameDevStefan_GameDev Posts: 49Member

Godot 3.2 is out, I already streamed migration and working in it. Now, I finally found the time to start a new tutorial series! The Enemy Logic Series will focus on giving our enemy some smarts so they start doing things like attacking us, following us, searching for us and take a wack at us if we get close enough!


  • Stefan_GameDevStefan_GameDev Posts: 49Member

    Enemies don't stand around when you hide behind a corner, they follow you and search for you! That is exactly what we will code in this tutorial of the Enemy Logic Series. Get your shoes on and start running!

  • Stefan_GameDevStefan_GameDev Posts: 49Member

    [Godot Tutorial] Adding animations to an NPC behaviour state machine. Learn how to make your enemies come alive :D

  • Stefan_GameDevStefan_GameDev Posts: 49Member

    [Godot Tutorial] Enemy AI, Enemies returning to position, or guard position. We expand our enemy state machine, and with this upgrade, we are starting to see some typical ARPG behaviour of our enemies! :)

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