Can't export armature/skeleton from Blender to Godot ?

thor_stenthor_sten Posts: 4Member

I played a bit with the GD-Quest 3D-Manequin in Blender 2.81 and wanted to make my own with simpler animations. For a start I made a really low poly stick-figure and added a very simple animation (just an "I'm-not-standing-totally-still"-idle).

Exporting it with Better Collada Exporter, gave me a lot of errors, without a file as a result.

Exporting it as GLTF2 worked, importing into Godot 3.2 stable worked as well, but the export is missing the skeleton/armature. Anybody got an Idea what I did wrong? An example of working export-settings would be nice as well.


  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 2,618Admin

    I have not seen it myself, but this video from GamesFromScratch is about how to export GLTF files using Blender 2.8, which may be show how to export the animations:

    In this Godot Q&A question, the poster there had issues with animations not showing up in exported files, and there is an answer there explaining some of the process.

  • thor_stenthor_sten Posts: 4Member

    Didn't really help, but the Q&A might give some useful information. TY.

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