Some of my music projects

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Hi! I thought I would share some art stuff I mainly do: music. There's been two bigger projects worth to mention, my latest album and OST for a game that will be released soon (OST was released already in 2016, though).

So, I recently made my Spotify debut album Daemon. It's some instrumental electronic with progressive metal influences. Kinda experimental? Most of the songs might represent different genres though (ranging from jazz to DnB). When it comes to music making I use only free open source Linux software (+some analogue hardware). I have made all the music and almost all of the sound design too. If you are interested about the possibilities of Linux music making, maybe this gives some perspective (I am not highly advanced at mixing/mastering, though):

The game that I made original soundtrack for has already a Steam-page. I am not the developer but I have already pre-release tested the game and I personally like it. This post-apocalyptic sidescroller game will be out at upcoming spring:

My whole discography is practically on Bandcamp:

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