[unpaid] Looking for a pixel artist

As in the title, I'm looking for someone willing to take the challenge of creating small but recognizable sprites in style of DOS platformers. That means 16 colors, mostly 16x16 sprites and cartoony artstyle. You can have a taste of what I'm aiming for in the demo by clicking the link below.

Currently I don't have the means to pay, however I'm certainly willing to throw some money if the game ever ends up getting released.

[Controls: arrows, Z, X, and for testing: C - gravity, V - lights]

An old thread about it:


  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated
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    Here's a suggestion . . Try getting a pen-display, with an electronic pen, for making art that small, you can probably use an XP-Pen 12 inch, or 13.3 inch . . That way, you can draw things yourself, or get a Samsung tab, S6, which also has a pen . . The cheapest is to get a drawing tablet, with a screen, then you can draw, like with a pen, when making pixels . .

    I have one, and they're really nice, and cost less than half of an iPad ( with pen ), or a Samsung tab . . Anyway, I made this, in two hours, after getting it . .

  • elkondoelkondo Posts: 17Member

    Oh don't worry, I've got a tablet and I'm a relatively good artist. I'd just rather spend time coding right now than making art, that's all.

  • SparrowSparrow Posts: 80Member

    Hello elkondo
    I'd be happy to help in exchange for programming help. I can program and have made a few games but I'm struggling with moving my skills over to godot.
    Let me know

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