Turn based, table top like strategy war game help

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So I've a mind to work on a turn based, table-top like war game, similar to victory at sea, battle fleet gothic, and other naval/space games. I've been trying to break down scenes/screens into a tiered task kind of format to break down what I need into simpler and simpler tasks if it's not obvious how to do based on the description.

I'll share what I have below, but I'm wondering, what tutorials or advice might help me break down and learn the pieces I need to cobble this together?

Start Screen
-Background image
--Some png or jpeg or whatnot in a frame?
--New game/ options/ quit?

Pre-Game Screen
-Select scenario
-Choose Points Limit Per Player
-Choose Number of Players
--drop down menu
-Choose Number of Teams
--drop down menu? or maybe chosen by scenario
-Assign Players to Teams
-Decide roles for each team per the scenario, “attacker” “defender” etc
-Allow players to select units up to point limit
--Pull units from a database? Store all unit info in this node/scene?

Game Screen
-Generate terrain for the scenario if required
-Generate random terrain to fill other zones
-Place units required by the scenario

-Game Loop
    --Allow players/teams to take turns placing units within deployment zones according to scenario
    --Begin the Game
        ---Turn Sequence
            ----Determine initiative
            ----Movement Phase
            ----Attack Phase
            ----End Phase

Post-Game Screen
-Show results and statistics for game
-Button to return to some menu (pre-game screen?new game? Main menu?)
-Button to exit game


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