What do you love most about games, computer stuff . .

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For me, I've always felt pixels were so amazing, they were these little squares, that lit up the screen, with joy . . Sitting with a joystick, controlling Super Mario, or Giana Sisters still haunt me, as singular, important titles . . I love vectors, sprites, pixels and, 3D . . For me, the new resolutions sort of take some of the magic away, they look less and less like games, for me 1280x720p was the pinnacle, of computer art . . You could see it was a game, so for me personally that's what I want my games to be . . It's easy to crank up the resolution, but the pixels, magic disappears, from it . . .

What are your thoughts about games, what do you love most about games, computer . .

And, what are your favorite games, you remember . . . :)

Video games, are amazing art, wonderful . .


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    Probably my favorite game of all time is Shadowrun for Super Nintendo.

    It was so advanced for the time, it had a world you could explore, talk to people (and an innovative dictionary system for asking questions), lots of leveling up, action and hacking. It was so good for 1993. I played it recently on the emulator and beat it finally. Not as amazing today but it still holds up okay.

    The Genesis version was probably more true to the source material and I have fun with that, especially the hacking missions.

    I really like games where you can level up your character and don't mind grinding if I can get good stats and gear. It just so fun to see fights that used to be really hard and by the end it's so easy. So much fun.

    Also really liked Out of this World (Another World). Can't believe the developer made 2D polygon graphics back then running on bare-bones hardware. Played the remaster on Steam recently, that was pretty good. Here is a video, but it shows a lot of the game so don't watch the whole thing if you haven't played it yet.

    Also really loved the games that came with peripherals, like the old gun games for SNES/Genesis. What was that game? Lethal Enforcers. That was so good. The T2 genesis shooter was also great.

    Once my family got a PC, I think around 1994 I had a lot of fun with DOOM (of course) but also games like Under a Killing Moon, 7th Guest, and MYST.

    I think that PC games back then were even better than today. They really tried innovative things, many games today seem too much like other games. But there are gems if you look.

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    Your game - taste is amazing, spectacular . . Loved those games, so much . .

    Do you remember Max Payne . . lol lol Bullet-time craziness, it was good . . . Also, the first Prince of Persia game, and Sands of Time, and the dark one . . I want to re-create some of Prince of Persia, where you suddenly look down, after climbing high, and it felt scary, terrified, of heights . .

    Shadowrun I played the table-top, a little, it was so fun, also read Neuromancer by William Gibson, a cyber-futuristic classic, that almost started the whole genre, on it's own . . . :)

    Omg, Tex Murphy I played it, it was good, I'd like to make an adventure game, like that . . .

    Until Dawn was really good, in that genre . . .

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    Yeah, Until Dawn was awesome! It was the first game I played when I got my PS4 and when it started I thought I was watching a video but nothing was happening. Then I realized it was the game. OMG!!!

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    I would like to make an Until Dawn game, like that, but one needs actors for such a project, talented, real actors, but it's probably the type of game I'd like to make most, myself . .

    I really enjoyed it, but a lot of people said it was a boring game, because it was adventure, don't know . . :(

    For me, Until Dawn was a hit, regardless, all the way . .

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