Ideas for Some Games, Please Share . .

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Okay, so I had some ideas for some games, maybe in the future, wanted to share them, get excited . .

The first idea is for a horror game, where you get trapped inside a building with seven strangers, eight total people . . However, it turns out there's a demon haunting the place, as one of the people committed a major crime, really big, something evil, and a demon came to him, and told that person, you're going to go to Hell, but if you can sacrifice seven other innocent people, you will go free yourself . . So, that's the story, behind it. You are one of the people, that get trapped in this game, of Hell . . In the beginning no one knows what is going on, then someone dies, and that's bad . . Then someone else dies, and the people trapped inside the building, or place where it happens, where they can't contact the outside world, start talking about an old urban legend, or story, where a demon along with a criminal trapped seven other people, according to the story . . So, you're trapped with some strangers, you know one of them wants to have all the others killed, but it's not easy to see who it could be . One might be a retired, another might be a trash-collection worker, one might be a failed model, on the way out, so they all appear nice, on the surface . . But one of them has a dark secret, one of them has done something very wrong, and struck a deal with the demon, to survive . .


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    I wanted to keep these ideas to myself, but I just love coming up with stories, and it gets me excited, is happy . .

    So, as the game progresses, more and more people die, the demon starts appearing, a seven-eight meter tall demon, scary, so on . . So, they are trapped inside a place with magical barriers, so they can't escape, and can't contact people outside, and they have to figure out who the person is, who caused the demon to appear, before they all get killed, and the man behind the demon, made a deal with it, ' saves ' himself . . It's a single player game, with a focus on acting, characters, like in the game ' Until Dawn ', sort of, where one gathers clues, talks to the others, in the end it's always a surprise who did, and for each new playthrough, it's someone else, so it's random who did it, and they all have stories, and the demon murders them in gruesome ways, they turn on each other, the demon moves, or alters clues, and it gets really scary . .

    I just like sharing my stories, and like getting feedback, on Unity it was not allowed, possibly because of copyright, but I just like talking about games, and that stuff, for free . . What do you think, do you have any cool, funny stories you just can't wait to share, with other people . . It's just fun hearing the stories, even if they never become games, anyway . . :)

    Possible name : " Seven Strangers in Hell ", " Seven and a Demon ", " Trapped in Hell ", " The Black Deal " . .

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    Another idea was to make a new superhero team, called the ' Union of Superheroes ' . . There's a guy, like Superman, he's called ' The Light ', wears a white suit, with a yellow cross, on the front, across his entire torso, there's a guy, like Batman, called ' The Darkness ', he wears a sort of black cloak, and has a helmet on, with a silver skull, and a king's crown, he once found a magical, cursed set of armor, from a Hellguard, the cops in Hell, when he puts it on, he gets powers to disappear into shadow, and appear in other ones, like teleport, he's not super-strong, but can take some damage, because of the armor . . He is pretty similar to Batman, but a bit better, his powers are magical, in a way . . Then there's Miss Wonderful, and Miss Epic, they are like Wonder Woman, and look like this, for now . .

    There's also a man with ice powers, called Crystalmaster, a man with fire-power, called Flamemaster, or Firemaster . . And, a guy called the ' Comedian ' who has a special super-power, he can tell jokes that are so epic, they can make people go into a coma, with laughter, or even make their heads explode, or paralyze them, he's human, has no powers, except that . .

    Together, they're the Union of Superheroes, and if someone wanted to make a game about them, let me know, we can talk about it, etc etc . .

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    Then there's the idea for the ' Explorer of Myths ', but I talked about that elsewhere . . There's also my special forces unit, called Special Assault and Insertion Tactics Team, short S.A.I.N.T.S. . . I've made some concept art, but it's on my iPad, and are difficult to extract, need special software, sadly . . iPad doesn't work well, with PC, I think . . . I based them on the idea of chess, where there is a knight, a king, a bishop, and a rook . . I wanted to explore in the game, what it means to be a good king, good knight, and good bishop ( priest ), in the game, the rook is basically a siege tower, in chess, so it's not really a person, but since it's used for breaching enemy defenses, I turned it into a saboteur-demo guy, and the idea is to make a game, that plays like chess, and they go on missions, for the army . .

    Here's concept art, first made for Vietnam war, but updated later, for more recent times or, days . .

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    Let me know if you want to make some of these games, I'll help . . . Most of all, it's fun to share ideas and, make people happy, feel good . . .

    Drawings were made on an iPad, wish it was a Samsung Tab S6, :(

    Even if they don't become games, it was fun talking about them, sharing them . . .

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