How to Create Artistic Masterpieces, With Ease

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I made this video, explaining my technique, for creating games, characters, stories . .



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    I've studied story-telling, and world-creation, video-game character making for the last 10 years . . This is sort of my course, on how you create the ultimate world, the perfect experience . .

    It begins with a person having a good motivation, such as wanting to tell others what love, compassion, honor, or virtue is . . If one has a good motivation, a decent goal, one wants to achieve, it becomes easier, one feels good, great . . If it's just about making money, making some dumb, irrelevant stuff, and one doesn't really care about other people, one feels bad, crippled . . So, one should always have a good motivation, for making games, a decent one, otherwise one feels bad, and the project stalls, deep down one has hesitations about making it, finishing it . . That doubt comes from ones of badness, selfishness, and it's not something one can really change, just adapt to . . It's always difficult to do something, when you don't like yourself, not really, for what you're doing, or want to do, inside . . Start by taking the best possible mind-set, explaining what love, or faith, or heaven means, or is about, something good, something strong . . It all begins there, but it could also be about what honor means, to you, or, decency, kindness, generosity, sympathy . . Pick something good, and set your mind on telling a story, that explains that, to the audience . . Don't be selfish, greedy, or devious, if that's your mindset, you won't feel good, and everything else will be a pain, an obstacle, writing the story, making the characters, finishing the world, and details . . That's my experience, and my personal way, of doing stories, if you want to learn, feel free, to imitate it . .

    When one has decided some good intent, a decent core idea, and motivation, then one picks a story, or an overall arc, or setting that accomplishes that . . So, one might pick a sci-fi setting, to explain what love is, or decency, or a fantasy setting, where a hero goes on a journey, discovers what these things mean, and the reader, or viewer experiences the same, through the character, the story . . It's not really important ' where ', or ' how ' the story is, that just a sort of choice one picks, and it can be anything, H. C. Andersen made a story about social injustice, where the main character was a Christmas tree, you can tell your story in any genre, style, or setting, that accomplishes the same goal, making the viewers feel something, understand, or see something, that is beautiful, meaningful, good . .

    Then one creates the characters, these only serve the story, and the final goal, in a sense they come third, and are less important, they only have value in as much as they help explain the story, somehow tell it, convey it . . A character is just a character, it's only because of what the character does, or says, that he has meaning, that he has relevance to the greater goal, of explaining love, and faith, through media . .

    The last step is deciding the details, this is fine world-building, like what color is the main characters house, what is the road he lives on ' precisely ' called, what does a coffee - machine look like, in the world, it's all the little details, that one finally adds, as the finishing touches, or so on . .

    When you do things this way, it makes your mind strong, and you become determined to finish your project, to make ' it ' happen . . That's what I've learned from years of doing art, and stories, maybe it works for some, maybe others, you can do with it what you want, good luck . .

    It's just a technique, my way of getting into ' focus ', and ' drive ' before making a game, a project . . There are many others, but this is mine . . :) <3

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    What is your technique, how do you do it, make art, stories, or games, or so . . .

    In the end, you have to be happy, about what you do, feel good . . My technique sort of helps me do that, maybe it's for you, think about it . .

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    Yeah, that's a good point. You want to be enjoying the process, otherwise it's probably not going to turn out well in the end. I have a ton of ideas, a few game concepts I came up with years ago I never explored. So for me it's just about putting in the work. I know what I want to do, but it's hard and takes effort. It's not even so much about good ideas as it is great execution. It's all about hunkering down and doing the work.

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    That's true, good point . .

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