Player can't move to different tile in isometric tilemap.

dekideki Posts: 3Member

I'm making an isometric tilemap using this tutorial:

This problem is mentioned in the tutorial however the solution isn't working for me. It uses Navigation2D and a navigation polygon on the tile. My polygon is perfectly 64x32, the dimensions of my tile, however the player can't move to a different tile. When I zoom in I can see that there is a 1-pixel gap between the polygons on all sides. I tried increasing the polygon by one pixel on all sides which creates some overlap, however that doesn't work either. The player still can't move to a different tile but can move within his own tile. Please help.

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  • ireneoireneo Posts: 3Member

    Hi Im new here and have seen that video your referring to. Try to follow it properly. I was able to make it work. Just make sure you set the NavigationPolygonInstance correctly. When adding the NavigationPolygonInstance, make sure you configure the grid snap properly to 1px as the video mentioned. Make sure that the NavigationPolygonInstance is exactly 64x32 and your tilemap cell size is the same. Im expecting that 64x32 is already the size of the tile visible as a path and not the whole image. It would be different. Dont oversize the NavigationPolygonInstance, it will not work. There might be some pixels that will not be covered by NavigationPolygonInstance, just make sure the size is correct. Use the ruler to ensure that you have the right dimensions. Just do it exactly as video did. Probably you missed something.

  • Stefan_GameDevStefan_GameDev Posts: 44Member

    Actually, the advice in that video isn't the best given. As mentioned in the comments of the video itself. You should set the snap to .5 the original tile size, and use snapping.

    So for a 128x64 tilemap, you would set it to 64x32. This sets the snapping on exactly the right coordinates, and you can't misclick it like you would be able to with a 1pixel snap.

    Hope that helps :)

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