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Turn-Based Boxing Tactics

sbc_gamedevsbc_gamedev Posts: 7Member
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I am making a TBT Education App ... but about boxing:


Basically, in a sense, it is a jRPG, but "the squaddies" so to speak are the body parts = limbs. The interplay between feet, torso, and fists results in attacking and defensive actions of the boxer as a whole.

I am inspired by games like FTL, Into the breach, Overland, Out There and maybe 60 seconds / 60 parsecs, XCOM. This is why, apart from boxing combat, in works is some story / quest mechanics. Kinda like rogue-like

I am alone at the moment, but I am looking for a team of enthusiasts for potential revenue share.


I have got 2 YT channels with about 8000 subs and growing. I feel like it should give the released game a non-zero kick-start in terms of promotion.

If you are interested PM or reply here.

I am looking for some:

  1. *2d graphical designer
    if you are a 3d artist then rendering sprites would do just fine
  2. *sound designer
    3. *musician
  3. *additional game designer for quest part of the game
  4. *copy-righter for making story, quests and dialog



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