Breakpoints on Android Don't Seem to Work

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I'm trying to debug an app on the Kindle Fire 7 (2019) and breakpoints do not seem to work. I have the remote debugging checked and adb and everything else appears to be working on my system.

I can deploy the app, and run it, but the breakpoint never fires. With a USB cable connected, I do at least see print statements, but a breakpoint on that same statement does not stop the app. Over wifi I can deploy, but neither breakpoints nor print statements work.

Looking in logcat, I think I see the errors, but I don't understand enough about Godot to know why this happens.

godot   : **ERROR**: Socket error: 111
godot   :    At: drivers/unix/net_socket_posix.cpp:199:_get_socket_error() - Socket error: 111
godot   : **ERROR**: Connection to remote host failed!
godot   :    At: drivers/unix/net_socket_posix.cpp:339:connect_to_host() - Connection to remote host failed!
ActivityManager: Activity pause timeout for ActivityRecord{34cf6ce u0 com.cybereality.jump2d/org.godotengine.godot.Godot t44}
godot   : **ERROR**: Remote Debugger: Unable to connect. Status: 3
godot   :    At: core/script_debugger_remote.cpp:92:connect_to_host() - Remote Debugger: Unable to connect. Status: 3

Does anyone know how to get remote debugging working on Android?

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  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,103Admin
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    Looking at the code in the errors for the remote debugger, it seems this line is causing the issue. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about the source to guess what the issue is, and I could not find what an error status of 3 signifies. From what I can gather it seems the remote debugger is having issues connecting over TCP...

    This GitHub issue mentions having an error status code of 3, but it is from Godot 2.1. Apparently changing the IP of the debug host might fix the issue.

    I would suggest opening a issue on GitHub.

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,049Moderator

    Okay, thanks for responding.

    I will play with it a bit more and open an issue if I can't find a workaround. Thanks.

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