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Hello Godot community,

I am looking for a qualified individual to create a SDK package to integrate Godot developed games into a blockchain project. This will be a paid project upon approved proposal and agreement from the blockchain project I am a community member of.

Requirements for the developer
* Excellent understanding of the Godot engine to create the proposed SDK;
* The creation of clear documentation;
* Offer support to users of the SDK;
* The creation of a demo/example of the SDK;
* Fix bugs and maintain the codebase;
* Keep the codebase opensource;
* Willing to be paid for your work in a digital asset such as BTC/ETH/LTC;
* Understanding of blockchain technology is definitely a plus.

What this SDK needs to accomplish
* The ability to interact with the blockchain such as view, sign and verify transactions per user;
* Manage the creation of on-chain addresses/wallet and the ability to backup the address private key for the end user;
* The game developer will need the ability to create on-chain assets such as in-game currency while having the ability to trade it with other players as well as the creation of unique digital assets that the user can play in their game and trade with others;
* Optionally, I would like interoperability between different games and developers that can share the same digital currency.

Why develop this
I have been following the progress of Godot for some time now. In fact, I discovered it when my young son wanted to learn how to create games (I myself am a full stack web developer). I have also been a long-time supporter of blockchain technology. I believe that game development and some specifics of blockchain technology can work very well together and complement one another.

This SDK would be just the first step of a project I want to create a project to show game developers why they may want to use blockchain technology. Once the SDK is complete, there will be a contest with prizes for Godot developers to use the SDK and complete milestones as well as blockchain developers to use Godot thereby bridging and expanding both communities while making some cool stuff! More about the competition once I find a developer.

At this point of the project, I have been given preliminary approval to explore the possibility of it. With this in mind, I need to find a qualified developer, get a budget set and a timeframe. If this sounds like something you would like to work on, please reply here or send me a message.

If interested, here is the original proposal I created further demonstrating why I chose Godot:

Thanks for looking!

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