Creating MUSIC history!! Searching for Programmers 4 innovative Music game.

New to Godot and was told this is the place to seek professional help! No, not that kind! Inventor seeks someone(s) to create an MVP for crowdfunding and demo purposes. This innovative and immersive music game project seeks to marry Gamers and Musicians online in a way that will return revenue to Artists, while they teach their craft to Gamers who profit as they compete online for cash and sponsored prizes. Inventor holds multiple patents and to start, is offering equity, and more for the qualified applicant(s). This is a VR, Mobile, and PC play aimed at being a quick turnover to YouTube and/or other online music video services. 4 confidential details on how you can play a significant role in creating music history!!! Lofty claim?? Let's chat, and I believe you'll be as convinced as we are! Thx! JLC Mad Inventor!

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