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Slope Example

I have created a plugin for Godot called Tile Cleaner. It allows for the creation of find-and-replace tile patterns, similar to automapping in Tiled, and also allows non-autotile tiles to merge with autotile tiles. It requires a bit of work to set up, but after that, it is fairly easy to use.

Although this plugin is primarily intended for use in the editor, it can be used at runtime as well. This may be useful for procedurally generated maps.

I made this because I wanted to place slopes in Godot tilemaps and have them merge with autotiles, without manually placing each tile that needs to be there. I did not find a way to make the Tile Cleaner update the tilemap while painting, but hitting a "Clean" button after painting still beats placing lots of extra tiles manually!

Here is the project repo:

The project contains the plugin within an "addons" folder and also has some example maps.

Let me know if anything in the readme is confusing, or if something doesn't work.

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