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We are currently looking for Illustrator and Game Designer for the team described below

Principles of the TEAM:
First of all we are not looking for temporary friend, member etc.. we are looking a friend, from anywhere of the world, we respect every religion, language, color etc. more different is more better for us :) it means new culture to know :)
This is important :You will owe your own game over some percentage, you will earn money as long as your game earns :), we will be project based partner.

This member must think about
1-The team is build with a secret heroes, in the day time you may be Pizza boy, Teacher, Student, Engineer, Mother, Doctor, Musician etc.. but in the nights you will be a hero, the hero that has passion to create beautifull products.
2- Ideas area the strongest weapon for us :) just dont hestitate to share it.
3- There are villains in every life: Exams, Bills, Disease, or some special problem. Project Timings are not strict.
4- You will start with LVL 1, each project Team Level will get higher so you can buy better items against the Villains in #3, have you seen batman riding

Principles of the GAME(s)

Every Team have some characteristic properties.
Some teams concantrate on algorithms, some concantrate on arts, some of them music etc..

Our principles will be shaped better with you my friend.

But this is the most important part, End user must recognise our games when ever they see our games :).

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