I, Voyager: our website and forum just went live!

CharlieWCharlieW Posts: 14Member

This is a pretty massive Godot endeavor. We could certainly use some love! (At the time of this post, you could still be the first to post at the forum!)

Homepage: ivoyager.dev
Forum: ivoyager.dev/forum


  • urieluriel Posts: 59Member

    thats really a nice project you are doing here ! ... looks like a stellarium clone ;)
    congrats !

  • CharlieWCharlieW Posts: 14Member
    edited October 24

    There's a bunch of software planetariums out there. But nothing else you could build a game on as easily, I think... (yay Godot! :3 )

    edit: Also, Stellarium is under GNU General Public License, which means you have to use the same licence in your project if you use their code (i.e., you couldn't sell your game).

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