Phoenix Universe of Space Combat - Phoenix USC

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Phoenix Universe of Space Combat - Phoenix USC

Phoenix USC is an arena based fast action space combat game that will support multiplayer game play. Players battle it out in arena free space or in a bases. Typical games are capture the flag, team on team and league or wing matches.

Players select a spaceship and battle in a rich visual environment as they compete in building their scores, stats, wins and kills. If you like fast action, intense and addictive space combat then Phoenix USC is the game for you.

I am currently converting this project from my own game engine written in Monkey2 to Godot. I've already done a lot of work on this project so expect things to move quickly. ;)

You can follow this project here:

Phoenix USC - Website
Currently running wasm version of my Phoenix USC demo using my game engine.
Soon to be Godot wasm based.

Phoenix USC - Twitter
Phoenix USC - Facebook
Phoenix USC - YouTube
Phoenix USC -IndieDB

Current official project video:


Project based on my game engine. **
**This is what this Godot project is about / heading to only instead of top-down in isomeric.


Current official screen shots:

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    Current parallax and weapons fire. Godot rocks. :)

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    Updating map flag area while working on multiplayer. Echo's of TW (Continuum/Subspace, server/map) with the staggered barricades. Really taking on a Subspace style map-play-architecture-wise. Can't wait to fight in it.

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    This looks great! It reminds me of Space Base DF9. I hope this project doesn't stop being developed like that game.

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    1st networking test. :) More to follow.

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    Widescreen 5760x1080 on my triple 27" monitor setup. :)

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    My latest news article on the IndieDB front home page. Get up to date on whats going on with Phoenix USC on my IndieDB page.

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    Wicked parallax background and 2D lighting. Godot!

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    In this image you can see the server on far left, then clients to the right. I've got the server sorting out each client and their names which you can see hovering above each ship. This is the first step. Next will be getting chat working then bullets. As soon as I have some form of chat in I'll post a test to see how the ships work out especially with lag.

    So far Godot multiplayer has been pretty easy to work with. :) The widescreen image is from my triple 27" monitor setup. Love having it for development. :D

    Close up of above.

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    Networked weapons fire and chat. Starting to grasp the Godot high level networking API. :)

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    I have a server and client running with support for many players and networked weapons fire, collision, player positioning, chat and more. This video will give you a glimpse of what is to come . :D

    Multiplayer development is early but way promising with a sort of playable 1st attempt demo due out soon.

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