I'm looking for artist to work with me on 2d games.

MegistaMegista Posts: 1Member

Hi everyone, I'm a full stack developer with experience of more than 8 years, I worked a lot with game engines (Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Godot), but I'm not good at drawing, so I'm having a lot of trouble to materialize my ideas. So I would like to find 2D artist, so we can work together on our ideas.

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  • Rac12Rac12 Posts: 1Member

    Hi Megista,

    I literally just joined the forums looking for someone to make 2d games with. I have no coding experience other than some extremely basic HTML, and quickly realized that even GDScript was over my head at the moment and it would be easier (and more fun) to work with someone to make 2D games. So, I share your frustration in not being able to materialize my ideas.

    I am more of a story writer and 2D artist than a programmer, so Id love to hear some of your ideas and see what we could make!

  • BlackVeilBlackVeil Posts: 8Member

    hey i'll join you. i plan games myself... been a game designer for 14 years. i typically do art but i can code as well. pm me. i also write stories

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