Artist looking, Collab anyone?

SparrowSparrow Posts: 85Member
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Hello all

Does anyone want to collab on a game?
We can share the coding and I'll do the art. I have some good ideas and the drive to get projects done, I'm struggling on my own due to time constraints.

Happy to discuss, just message me.

My art is here if you need samples


  • maximinusmaximinus Posts: 3Member

    Did you have any particular type of game in mind? I'm a coder looking to work on a small game with an artist.

  • BlackVeilBlackVeil Posts: 8Member

    i'll join you. check out my post in the projects area. I got some concept art. i'm a professional game artist and novice coder.

  • SpinylGamesSpinylGames Posts: 15Member

    Hello there. Did anything come of this? Let us know =)

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