Problem with using Godot / OpenGL? [SOLVED]

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Hello! so my problem is that i open godot, but whenever i try to do anything for example press a button nothing happens UNTIL i alt tab out and back in, then it has drawn/rendered the new frame so the program actually shows the new window after the buttonpress.

For example i start Godot, press "New Project" nothing renders until i actually alt tab out and back in, only then has it moved to the next window.

This is only graphically speaking, i can press 10 buttons and write inside "Project Name" but i have to alt tab out and back in to be able to see the actual changes.

I downloaded OpenGL extensions to try to benchmark. And it's the same in the benchmark so this is not only in Godot.

I have the latest drivers for my graphics card and it supports OpenGLES 3.0

But i couldn't find this problem anywhere, not even google could help me....

So i wonder if maybe you can help me? because i really would like to switch from Unity to Godot and give Godot a try.


I have Windows 8.1 , and i used a high-contrast theme. I tried to change to an "Aero" theme and now Godot works! , i know for 100% that this is what caused this problem. Because if i go back to a high-contrast theme i get the same problem again!

Happy coding! :)

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    Cool, so you have found a solution. I've changed the topic type to a question instead of discussion, if you could make a new reply with your edit/solution from the OP you will find that you can mark it as an answer.

    This way someone else that might have the same problem can hopefully more easily find this topic and the answer too.

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