Need help with Shade code line

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Hi there, I'm new to programming and godot, and right now I'm trying to implement this GLSL shader in godot and having troble with it.

This is the line I'm struggling with:

float pattern = tri(fract((uv.y + time / 12.) * 20.0), 2.0 / divisions, divisionsShift)- (-uv.y + 0.30) * 0.85;

I want to put it in godot programming language, but i can't find a replace to the tri function that works similar.

Again, just a beginner here, but i would appreciate some help. Thanks!!


  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 2,459Admin

    It looks like this GitHub gist has a definition of the tri function, though I'm not sure if it is the same tri function or not: also has a definition for a tri function:

    float tri(in float x){return abs(fract(x)-.5);}
    vec3 tri3(in vec3 p){return vec3( tri(p.z+tri(p.y*1.)), tri(p.z+tri(p.x*1.)), tri(p.y+tri(p.x*1.)));}

    I have no idea if either function is what you are looking for, but hopefully one of them will work. :smile:
    (Side note: Welcome to the forums)

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