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  • SparrowSparrow Posts: 85Member

    Ghost Hunter Splash - I pushed a bit more out of it, looking better, at some point i'll have a go at the tree lines.

  • SparrowSparrow Posts: 85Member

    Bit of freehand and clean up, a quick concept piece also.

  • SparrowSparrow Posts: 85Member

    The latest jam went bad for me in terms of coding, the artwork came out pretty well.

  • little-brook79little-brook79 Posts: 6Member

    Hello Sparrow, how you doing, very nice art, I like it . . You know, if you like making 2D art, you might like a pen display drawing tablet, they are quite cheap for a 13 inch, or a 16 inch, which are good for beginners . . They are worth all the money, and you are very good, already . . And, it's the best investment for a beginner, after getting an iPad pro, which is nice for making art, it has a pen, as well . . I think the cheapest ones cost 150 - 200 $, so if you wish one for Christmas, it might happen, any-way, your pictures are nice, I would consider getting a cheap pen display, don't buy a drawing tablet, without a screen, they're not good, compared to display pen tablets . . That's my advice . . Both Huion and XP-Pen make nice ones, Wacom is very good, but expensive . . You'll find making 2D art is much easier, on a decent, low-cost pen display tablet . .

    Just, an idea . .

  • little-brook79little-brook79 Posts: 6Member

    Try looking for this one, it's actually a bit more expensive, but if you're lucky, you can get money for Christmas, and get one . . The price is a bit high, but you won't regret it . .

    XP-PEN Artist13.3 Pro Drawing Tablet, 13.3 inch Portable Digital Pen Display with Battery-Free Stylus

    If you can, go to a store and see what size you like, any-way, I have one myself and, I love it, it's just the best, and it's super-fun, and cool . .

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 3,647Admin

    While I do love my wacom cintiq 12wx I've got to say, for pixel art it isn't all that relevant.

  • ArsalanKhan6ArsalanKhan6 Posts: 3Member

    Your works are good, you'd need to look for more inspirations to develop your own style, take look at various pixel arts from different artists over the world. Plus drawing tablet is definitely needed for fellow artists.

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,604Moderator

    You can get drawing tablets for cheap (well not the ones with screens, but the normal kind). I just bought one on Amazon that was less than $30. It got good reviews and has Linux drivers. Definite a good investment if you are making any kind of art on the computer.

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