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Hello all :),

I present you the project I'm working on (we are a team of two): Project Istor (temporary name).

This will be an action-adventure game inspired by an old-school game named "Drakan: Order of the flame", set in the universe of the 9th Age (spiritual successor of Warhammer:Fantasy Battles). The dragon is named "Istor", hence the project name.

There will be a main story, exploration, dungeons, dragon riding, melee and ranged combat, loot and crafting.

This is our first true game (we made some game jams before) and the goal is to make everything ourselves (except sounds and music).

We make this game as a hobby in our free time, because it's fun and challenging and kind of a dream come true for us.

We use models with low-poly count for several reasons:

  • Match the style of Drakan (2000 3d games nostalgia)
  • Allows us to produce models relatively quickly
  • It would take us way too much time to make realistic-looking assets with high poly and normal maps
  • We are unsure of the 3d performance of Godot, so better use fewer poly.
  • No need to make LOD for our models

Here is the list of implemented features so far:

  • Fully functional 3rd person controller (walk, sprint, dodge, jump)
  • Fully functional dragon controller (dragon riding, fly, breath of fire, gliding)
  • Combat system with melee weapons (very basic for now)
  • Combat system with bow + poisoned arrows
  • Basic monster AI with different behaviors
  • Monster loot
  • Inventory system
  • Containers
  • Crafting system (by combining 2 objects)
  • Checkpoints, save and load
  • Maps loading and unloading
  • 3 maps
  • Basic option menu

Still a lot of work ahead of us, the goal is to be slow and steady.

Here is our trello where you can follow the advancement of the game:

I will post the advancement updates in this thread.

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    Here is some dragon riding gameplay.

    Really happy how it turned out, the animation system of Godot is awesome. The "look-at" feature is using a "BlendSpace2D" and vector math to figure out the blend values. (the dragon have been mostly done by "Astadriel").

    The dragon-breath was a bit tricky to make, I am using a local particle system for the start of the flame so that the start of the flame follows the head when turning, then a global particle system for the bulk of the fire. I use raycast to spawn additional particle systems on the floor.

    The dragon is really powerful and can kill enemies quickly. Normally this section is not done with the dragon, and will be much more challenging :)

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