Small shooting game-demo.

atriatri Posts: 10Member
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playable(download) version(include HTML5 build)
Web version work only on Linux, because of ANGLE.

source code or copy on gitlab

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  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    Some trippy effects there for a GLES2 game, good work so far.

    It would be better if the level sizes were larger and it had a goal of some kind (even if it's just to survive to get the highest possible score).

  • atriatri Posts: 10Member

    well about gameplay
    actualy its "too easy" if you understand logic of it (just spawn 1-2 bots and kill them, repeat for ~5-10 mins, at round 3-4 youl deal lots of damage to Boss, and can move like to 10+ round very easy...)
    ofc gameplay is not like real game

    also il add multiplayer (2 players) to this project next week/2, will be much easier to destroy enemy xD

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