First Random Dungeon Attempts

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    Looks good. Just curious, is your generative process recursive room by room? With one room and then look for space for adjacent rooms in that function?

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    The code that made those pics was actually rewritten since then, but I made a hallway that was also a state machine that would take its hall and expand it in a random direction and try to pop up rooms, and turn or extend itself with random rolls. The initial hallway would step through any children hallways it created each step but children were not allowed to spawn children.

    It was also very messy. I'm working on something cleaner with more options post generation right now with cleaner hallway walls, turns and width changes, and no more rooms that are out of proportion and almost look like hallways themselves :P. Oh and options for padding between everything.

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    Got some prettier screens up of my second go at this. Much happier with the results. I even fixed how I was doing random numbers so I can finally use seeds to regenerate a map.

    Tunnels make more sense; any tunnel that branches or extends and can't bloom any rooms is discarded. It's hard to tell but there is actually a main tunnel that branches periodically. Also tweaked how I am doing wall shaping, I am trying to avoid having too many plain square rooms so I run the terrain at the rooms borders through a set of rules that determine if they should be a wall or floor. It's also all setup so that post generation I can easily place mobs/items in certain areas like off the main tunnel, at the end/beginning, end of a branch etc.

    Next I'm going to try to make extended/branched tunnels intelligently stretch out and connect to other hallways while growing. Right now they simply avoid running parallel to each other w/padding and it works but I want more :).

    Pics in OP.

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    Worked on an original tileset when I could pull myself away from making a whole bunch of horrifyingly cute enemies for the near-surface levels where I plan to have the main enemies 'Diggers' actually run around digging out a percentage of a generated cave system. Most of the code for that is already in too, so I can generate a full cave system but only tile a percentage of it, leaving the rest listed as floors but still visually looking like filler(eg: dirt/stone walls) so that the AI just needs to grab nearby/random floors that are not tiled as Terrain_Floor's and path to them. Going to use the same idea later to make ruins and collapsed rooms/halls and allow the enemy workers to repair damage caused to their structures by the player. Also added a way to put in any number of tile variations(The moss in the dark stones is an example).

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    Very cool and nice to keep seeing progress too. :)

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