List of Creative Assets - (Sprites, Tilesets, Textures, HDRI, etc for free use in your own projects)

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There is a large collection of posts on audio resources including the one I contributed my list to here.
I included my audio list there because it had the largest number of other useful links, most of which were on my list that I chose not to repeat so make sure you read the whole post.

After some prompting from @megaIomaniak I don't feel there is another such thread yet for creative assets so here is my list to start and for others to add to. In preparation for an upcoming game using Godot, as many Free and Open Source assets as possible, and with the intention to release new assets developed for the game, I've literally combed through hundreds upon hundreds of websites and boiled down the most useful ones into this list.

If you start any project using these creative/audio lists, you should be able to find all the assets you need, or at the very least most of them.

These all have different Copyleft licenses so make sure you take the time to read which they fall under
• UI, Level Assets (tilesets and sprites), Characters, Objects –- This is a pretty large collection and a good place to start – CC0 (public domain) or CC2.0 license which will be included in downloads.
• HUGE selection of game assets – CC0
• Large collection of all asset types -
• Clipart -
• Graphics, Tilesets, Textures –
• Animations, Sprites, Tilesets –
• UI, Tilesets –
• Textures, Music, Custom work, etc that @Eric_Matyas posted in another thread -
• 2D/3D modeler that seems easy to use –
• Full Glitch game – Animations, Sprites, Tilesets, etc –

If you can't find something in the above links and need to commission something, I would take a look starting with these Godot forum users (I've never hired them or even been in contact but as I went through numerous posts I chose to note them in case I needed something in the future):
@nikkyoryzano -

HDRI (High Res Images/Textures)
• Sky and mountain photos -
• Every sky type -

• Easiest is to use one of the fonts out of a GNU/Linux distro
• There are soooo many sites that have free fonts that I've chosen only to include these two and those found in the GNU/Linux distros.

As I mentioned, there are many more sites that have assets but these few will handle 90% of what you might need. Happy creation and I'll include the link to the upcoming paid dev post for the game when it goes live for those interested.

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