Best Practice - Bulild level/scene in Godot or Blender?

NeoTurfMasterNeoTurfMaster Posts: 3Member
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Hi All,

I've been messing around with 2D game development for a number of years, but I'm just starting to play around with 3D.

I gather that it's best to build my individual 3D assets in a tool such as Blender and then import them into Godot, but I was wondering what the best practices are when constructing a full level. Should I build the world geometry in Blender too and compose the whole scene there? Or should I be importing my assets and build the world directly in Godot?

Any thoughts on this topic would be greatly appreciated 🙂


  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    If the level design is intended to be modular using a set amount of pieces, then you can import those pieces as assets or as part of a 3D gridmap and construct it in Godot.

    If each level is to be unique in its form and design though, then you will want to construct as much of it as you can in Blender.

  • NeoTurfMasterNeoTurfMaster Posts: 3Member

    Thank you!

    I am thinking that most levels would be quite unique and not really something I could build out of set pieces.

    What are the reasons you'd want to do this in Blender over Godot? I'm assuming there's a performance benefit, but what reason would something created in Blender perform better than something crafted in Godot natively?

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,773Admin

    A dedicated DCC such as blender just has better tools for the work in it.

  • NeoTurfMasterNeoTurfMaster Posts: 3Member

    Oh. Haha. I was expecting some technical reason for it.

    One last question. If my level is to have interactable objects such as physics enabled crates/barrels for example, would these be placed inside the level within Blender? Or would I import the level and the objects separately, then use Godot to move them into position?

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,773Admin

    Depends on your exporter in blender. In theory there's no reason you couldn't have metadata tags attached to your object in blender that the exporter can read to know that an object should be exported a certain way. But I suspect that creating and maintaining your own exporter is probably still outside of your comfort zone.

    As such you would probably still want to set up and place instances of your physics barrel in godot.

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