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A short action/adventure/puzzle game i worked on irregularly these past few months. It's 2d and narrative driven with combat that resembles bullet-hell games. (c-c-can you say UnDERtale) The puzzle part is more "where do i go and what do i do" than solving a rubik's cube. I tried to make this part intuitive instead of hand-holding. The player can make multiple choices that result in the life/death of specific characters. There are also different ways of proceeding in the game. There is no sound. At all :D. I was just too lazy to add it when I was "done" with the other things. Leave a comment if you have feedback or confusion about how the game progresses. Oh and there is no save system, so don't close the game if you want to keep playing where you left off.

Please read the readme before starting the game.

Download: https://poordoor.itch.io/k

Some gameplay: https://gfycat.com/badsentimentaldalmatian

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