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Hello everyone
My name is Davide and i'm 18yr old. i've been programming in C/C++ for years and i tried many engines, but none never worked for me until i have discovered Godot
since this discovery i have an idea that is still echoing in my head
i've been working on a game design for a story driven sidescrolling shooter and I'm looking for anyone who has a passion for SCI-FI that would like to work with me on this project just for fun while learning new things together :)


I've found 3 wonderful people, and we are now a team, just started working on the game !
Right now we are only searching for artists
Hope us luck!

2 programmers has left the team because they could not put time into the project, this is a free time hobby, and lot of people already have a job or school to do and i respect their decision, so now i'm looking for any artists or programmers who wants to join this journey of learning and creativity !

For more information about the game, this is the public game design file

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    Hey man, it seems we have the same kind of passion. I have been coding since 8, and I am 16 at the moment. I have been coding my own 2D engine as well for some time. I can say your idea sounds fun. We can try and code on that project you mentioned together, and Godot seems like a suitable engine, I'm sure it will be fun! I use Discord for talking, you can add me there and message me if you're interested

    My Discord username: Siliproksi#9399

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