2D Platformer Game Starter Kit

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Hello everyone, this is sample project that everyone can use for FREE
i've made it to learn Godot, but you can use it as a foundation for your own game!

The current features are:


has a basic but pretty level selector

Animated Loadingscreen

Persistent settings panel

In-game pause menu

2 game levels

Why would someone choose this project?

Because, Singletons.


i wanted more flexibility with multiple scenes, so i made a scene manager
there is always one main scene "MainScn" which is just an empty node that loads the Menu and config at startup
it adds scenes inside the "MainScn" node a level below the singletons
it has 4 main functions
show_error(string) // shows a custom popup error
add_scene(string) //uses classic ResourceLoader without loading screen
goto_scene(path : String, scenes_to_destroy : String Array, freeAll : bool)
it uses ResourceInteractiveLoader with loading screen
examples of goto_scene
goto_scene("*.tscn", ["SceneOne", [SceneTwo]], null)
goto_scene("*tscn", null, true)
if freeAll is true, scenes_to_destroy is not taken in consideration.
all scenes child of MainScn will be freed and the new scene will be loaded, just like change_scene_to
but with a bit more arguments


For this project i used really big backgrounds for better quality, but needs to be scaled down to the window size
fix_background_scale(node : Sprite, screenscaleH : float, screenscaleY : float)


It's not scripted very well because if you want to add a variable to save you need to make changes to the script
but works really fine for small projects with not many settings.
the vars saved are:
ResolutionID which is the index for the resolution array
displayMode true when fullscreen false when windowed

Other features

Simple shooting and projectile mechanic
Projectile impacts
Realistic physics explosions that bounces off walls
(exploding 15+ barrels in one time MAY cause FPS to drop )
//One day i'll make explosions in C++, i promise. optimization is my spirit
Static Platforms
Stone blocks and slopes
a background made by my Sister which worked for Cartoon Network

Hope you all enjoy!
Please feedback if there's something that could be done in a better way

by the way, I'm not making this mobile compatible Hahahah
_PC is the way _

Godot version used: 3.1

Also, if anyone's interested i'm searching for a partner who is passionate about the SCI-FI genre
(for example Stargate and Farscape ) that wants to make a project with me as a hobby and for fun


Exported (Windows)

If you want to know more about me, check out my blog

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  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,771Admin

    Awesome first post! And welcome to the forums! :)

  • StormbringerStormbringer Posts: 1Member

    brooo, could you share the complete code please? i want to learn to do the loading screen that you do in the full game, anyway, great contribution, thanks for the post :)

  • SIsilicon28SIsilicon28 Posts: 748Moderator

    @Stormbringer said:
    brooo, could you share the complete code please? i want to learn to do the loading screen that you do in the full game, anyway, great contribution, thanks for the post :)

    Code should be in the source that he linked.

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