New User - Where is the best place to post a question about seeking help with 2D Isometric Dev?

I need to find help with where to start as I have minimal experience but wanting to tackle it


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    For Godot game development, 2D or otherwise, some of the other Godot communities might be worth a shot. I know the Reddit and Facebook Godot communities are fairly active, though I have little to no experience with either community myself. If you don't mind real time chatting, Godot also has a Discord and IRC that might be worth checking. Of course, there is also these forums.

    For general game development, I do not really know. I sometimes look at, but I mostly ghost the forums and don't personally interact, I just occasionally look at it. Someone compiled a list of Game dev communities that might be worth looking at, though to the best of my knowledge the communities listed there are focused around game development in general, not specific to a single engine, tool, or programming language.

    For Isometric games in specific, I would watch/read isometric game tutorials that achieve what you are looking for, or something close to it, and see what you can learn. Even in the tutorial is in another programming language or game engine, the general game development concepts and theory should apply no matter the programming language or game engine used.
    You might also be able to convert/port code written in another language for another game engine to Godot. Depending on how the code is written and your programming experience, it might be entirely possible to follow a non-Godot tutorial with Godot.

    Here is a couple results I found when searching "isometric game tutorial" on Google that look like they could be helpful/interesting:

    I also found this Reddit post listing a bunch of isometric tutorials that might help:

    • Tutorials on isometric (Reddit link)(Many different engines/programming-languages)

    I would highly recommend taking the game idea/prototype you have, and breaking it down into smaller steps. That way if you have problems along the way, you can search/ask for help with the specific step, which I have found seems to work better when trying something new.

    It does become a little harder to mesh everything together, and sometimes it is hard to find resources even after breaking it down, but personally I have found it can really help.

    Hopefully this helps :smile:

  • Disciple_YahwehDisciple_Yahweh Posts: 3Member

    awesome thanks mate. I found your response extremely informative and have picked a few suggestions to look into this afternoon. I think your right with the real-time chat being a bit more up my alley. my issue is probably not knowing where to start lol

  • animax940animax940 Posts: 6Member

    this is also my case too as I am very new here lol

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