3D Fantasy/Anthro Races for Sale

Hello, I'm a 3D modeler and I've been making a set of 3D exchangeable fantasy races.

You can visit my preview website, here: https://acheronseries3d.weebly.com/

The idea is that all of these races are easily interchangeable. They all follow the same body structure and use the same animation rig, so you can easily create a D&D or WoW style race/class customization system. All of the races are available as "nude" (with private parts) and about half of them are available as "clean" (without private parts). If you need a particular race in "clean", let me know, (preferably through CGTrader) and I can prioritize that. Fair Warning: there are no private parts on the preview website, but the product pages are absolutely full of nads.

Right now, there are 30+ races, 24 hair styles, but only a few outfits for sale. I have a bunch that are half-done that will go up for sale as they get completed. I also want to upload some animations. I've been agonizing over what kinds of animations a game developer will actually need, so any input on that topic is welcome. Here are some samples of animations using the Acheron Series Rig and Characters:

I'm super interested to hear any thoughts about the Acheron Series models and what more I should offer with them.

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