Godot 2.1 get current url of the game in GDScript

KevsakKevsak Posts: 4Member

Hi everyone.
I'm exporting my game for html5. i get the link to my game from my server, which gives some parameters (that i need in my game) beside the link. is it possible to get those parameters somehow? my link is: (serverpath)/game.html?sid=5edcf6-413477

(5edcf6-413477) is what i need

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  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 1,943Admin

    If you can get the entire URL/Link, then something like this should get the sid value from the URL (untested):

    func get_sid(url_string):
        var sid_index = url_string.findn("sid=")
        if (sid_index == -1):
            print ("Error: SID not found!")
            return null
            # I don't remember if find gets the start, or the end.
            # I think it gets the start, so 4 characters (sid=) will need to be added
            var start_index = sid_index + 4
            var sid_string = ""
            while (start_index <= url_string.length()):
                var character_to_add = url_string[start_index]
                # If a new parameter has been started, then add the next character and move on
                if (character_to_add != "?" and character_to_add != "&"):
                    sid_string += character_to_add
                    start_index += 1
                # If a new parameter has started, then break the while loop
            return sid_string

    There might be a way to get the variable directly from Godot without having to parse the URL, but the above should, hopefully, work.

    Hopefully this helps!

  • KevsakKevsak Posts: 4Member

    Thanks for the reply, but my problem is to get the URL :)

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 1,943Admin

    Ah, my bad!

    Unfortunately my HTML5 exports are not working, so I cannot actually test the code, but for Godot 3.0 the OS class might provide the required information. Specifically, these functions seem promising:

    print ("Command line args:");
    print (OS.get_cmdline_args());
    print ("Executable path:");
    print (OS.get_executable_path());
    print ("Name");
    print (OS.get_name());

    And it looks like Godot 2.1 has the same functions. I don't know if these will give the URL, but I couldn't find anything and these functions seem the most likely.

    It is rather strange there is not a function for this though. It might be worth opening a feature request, assuming one doesn't exist, on the Godot GitHub repository to have this functionality added.

    Anyway, my apologizes for misunderstanding and hopefully one of those functions returns the URL.

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