Accessing storage on Android with Godot Apps

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I have been developing a application that, as one of its functions, will produce a screenshot for the user either in an application created subdirectory of their user:// location or in a more useful location that the user can set. This all works fine on exported applications for Linux and Windows (or at least the windows versions I have tested on).
When I export the same Godot game to Android, it all works well except when it comes to creating the screenshot, it appears the screenshot is not created. Having looked at some moderately related articles on accessing Android storage there seem to be a heap of things about making files produced by application accessible to other apps and to the user. These all require special permissions to be set.
In the Android export settings dialogue I have experimented with ticking the boxes relating to reading and writing to storage and also to manage documents but all to no avail.

My question is; does anyone know if there is a box that I need to tick in the Android Export template that will allow the Godot app to write user accessible image and text files to the Android file system? Any pointers you have would be much appreciated.

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