You&Bezu - exploration 3D project

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...the green follower ( placeholder ) follows you during traveling can send him to where you can't get (up to the heights, through the gap, etc.)...he also has a camera.

.....this will be peaceful and calm puzzle solving exploration game......player travels through fantasy architecture and beautiful scenery.
...the project is being developed in the Godot 3.2 nightly build with the transition to 3.2 stable until it comes out.....and uses massively great Grid maps.
For the FP controller (throwing,picking-up,interact with objects) this project using great TheRadMatt's MIT licenced FPP Interaction demo ( ), slightly modified to the needs of the project....maybe I could write my own but this works Thanks TheRadMatt!
.....with this project, I would like to determine my direction and type of projects that I would like to create and develop with amazing Godot engine.

Steam release is scheduled for spring 2020.

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  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    I'm always happy to see more 3D projects being done with Godot, especially since this will increase that area's pull for those who want to contribute through Pull Requests.

    The environment sure looks peaceful with that soft glow all over the images. My personal taste says the contrast is just a tad on the low side, but I would have to see this in motion.

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 369Member

    Thanks @Ace_Dragon , yes this is a quick shot environment adjustments....i'm gonna tweak it.

  • keltwookiekeltwookie Posts: 235Member

    Another original idea , great !

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 369Member

    @keltwookie Thank you!
    ....working on a character that follows the will probably be mech. dragonfly ( will be named " Bezu" or "Bezuu")...and here's the design of what a second level would look like ... a Fish bay level.

  • ReneatorReneator Posts: 10Member

    Hey mate, this looks really swell! Maybe you already did/thought about it:

    But i think your project would receive a lot more love if you posted videos or a link on reddit (, people there are hungry for cool 3D games

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 369Member

    Thanks @Reneator .....good idea...posted right now!

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 369Member
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    ....the dragonfly (Bezu) is near completion...


  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 369Member
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    ....not yet the final color scheme...maybe the dragonfly gets the PBR materials but we'll see...

  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 369Member is a video of how the Bezu (mech.dragonfly) will travel with the player :) ....and some first puzzle wip

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 1,943Admin

    Looks great @Schuster!

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