Switching scene inheritance for existing scenes

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I've got a question about scene inheritance. Suppose I have the following scene structure and have been working on the code for some time:

SportsCarScene -> VehicleScene
PoliceCarScene -> VehicleScene

I now find that I need an intermediate scene, called CarScene, to achieve the following structure:

SportsCarScene -> CarScene -> VehicleScene
PoliceCarScene -> CarScene -> VehicleScene

I can construct the CarScene by using Create Inherited Scene. However, there's no option for switching inheritance. There's an option for Clear Inheritance, which could be used, but it seems not be possible to create an inheritance for an already existing scene. There's only the one for creating a new inherited scene.

I would have liked an extra option, Inherit From, for already existing scenes with no current inheritance. So, in the example above, when selecting the Clear Inheritance option, the inheritance chain will be cleared and a new option, Inherit From, would replace the Clear Inheritance option. After selecting this new option, I would have the possibility to select the new CarScene as the new inherited scene for my SportsCarScene and PoliceCarScene. And after that, with the new inherited scene as part of the node tree, I would need to delete the old inherited scene nodes (which are still there, but no longer inherited).

It would also be great if there was an option Switch To Inherited Scene, which combines these two steps into one. Clearing and deleting the old nodes, and inheriting and adding the new nodes.

Currently, there's an option Merge From Scene which might be used. I can clear the inheritance, remove the old nodes, and then merge from the new CarScene. However, the new nodes show up not-grayed out, they are just merged, not inherited. I suppose there is a difference.

So I wonder, is the above correctly perceived, it's not currently possible to do. Or am I missing something?


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