AudioStreamPlayer3D: Individual volume, changing defaults

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Hi :-)

So how do i make single AudioStreamPlayer3D-node louder (in the inspector, not by code)?
The Audiostreamplayer (without "3D") does have a "Volume dB"-Setting, but the Audiostreamplayer3D does not, it only has "Unit dB", which does something differently, afaik.

I don't want to use Busses for this, i use those for groups like Music or SFX, but if i want to balance 30 Sfx against each other, i don't want to create 30 busses, of course.

Also, can i change the default values? Atm i'm changing the Distance Attenuation Filter from 5k to 12k on EVERY Audiostreamplayer3D i create, so that's a lot of repetitive work -.- It woul be nice if i could make it so that 12k is the default value for every Audiostreamplayer3D i create in the future.

Thanks for your help!Micha

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  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 4,425Admin

    unit_db makes an individual AudioStreamPlayer3D node softer/louder as far as I know (documentation).
    As far as I know, the reason it isn't called volume_db like AudioStreamPlayer is because AudioStreamPlayer3D has an attenuation effect over distance, so the volume set in unit_db only makes the sounds that loud when the sound is directly over the camera, otherwise the sound is quieter the farther away it is.

    As for the distance attenuation filter, I have no idea.

    Based on some quick Google searches, it doesn't look like there is any way to set the defaults without writing a tool script or creating a separate scene and instancing it where needed, overriding in a per instance basis for things like the audio stream.

    One suggested way I read that might help is to create a instance with the settings you want in a separate scene, then instance the newly created instance scene and overriding the values as need on a per instance basis.

    Hopefully this helps!
    (Side note: welcome to the forums!)

  • urieluriel Posts: 59Member
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    you can make a very small GDscript addon with this custom node and its default value ;)

    i am using this technique especially for audio in godot, that simplify my life a lot.

    • custom audio player with audioserver, audiosample and audiostream "exported" settings

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