PAID: Looking for a Godot Dev to scope out a new game concept

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Cube Spawn Maker will be a 3D puzzle game built in Godot on top of the Enjin Platform.

Users will arrange and program a series of robotic cubes to form a raw material into a specified final product at a specific rate of product within a specific cost. New puzzles and solutions will be able to be tokenised, sold and traded on the Ethereum blockchain using the Enjin Platform, incorporating solutions into new puzzles, new solutions. We have strong links with Enjin as part of their Enjin Platform Early Adopter Platform. The game will be monetised through taking a cut of all trading activity of tokens created in our game, and users will, of course, be able to earn money from solving puzzles.

I need a reasonably experienced freelance game developer with knowledge of Godot to scope out the project, highlight potential obstacles to implementation, to create a project timeline and budget to support our upcoming asset sale.

If and when we are successful the job could roll on into a full time development role, getting first hand experience of blockchain in gaming, with a unique and powerful use case that could transform current models of gaming monetisation.

Rate variable depending upon experience. Looking to spend £500-£1000.

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