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KevsakKevsak Posts: 4Member

i have a problem with masks in my project, that I'm exporting in Html5(WebGL(GLES2)). I'm making a slot machine which needs to have hidden reels behind a mask. For the mask I use Light2D Mode: Mix (it's enabled). My sprites have a material: Blend mode:Mix, Light mode: Light only, Particles animation: off, Render priority:0, Next pass: [empty]. This works perfectly in desktop browser, but doesn't in mobile browsers. Sprites are not visible, but if i use mode: Mask(Light2D) they are visible, but sprites don't appear smoothly, when they enter the mask area.

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  • canvasbushicanvasbushi Posts: 57Member

    I'm not sure why you decided to go that route... Don't control nodes have a clip content property?

  • KevsakKevsak Posts: 4Member

    Tried your way too but still the same thing.. Desktop works, mobile doesn't. Do I have to enable something in project settings to see clipped sprites? I tried with all kind of settings and it still doesnt work :'(

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